It's starting to affect me. It's starting to show. It's starting to infect me. It's hard to say no. It's starting to eat at me. It's starting to fight. It's starting to tear at me. It's hard for tonight.


Because a Poem seems like too much of prison

Maybe just get the words out. Just start typing. My creativeness seems to have atrophied and my patience was never there. But I need to do something. I feel confined. Caged. I'm starting to romanticize dangerous things and miss the feeling of invincibility. The living in the moment and fuck the consequences kind of life. … Continue reading Because a Poem seems like too much of prison


Ghosts are funny things. They creep out of your dreams Haunting your day and thoughts Just to cause trouble it seems Ghosts are scary things Chasing you down through halls Reminding you of your failures Pointing out all your flaws Ghosts are fucked up things They relentlessly hunt you They scream at you about mistakes … Continue reading Haunted